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Phoenix Integrated Store Consultants is proud to announce our listing on the 2015 Best and Brightest Companies to work for in Atlanta. We believe that our success comes from the amazing group of people that we have on staff, and we want to say thank you to all of our employees who work hard each and every day to help make our success as an organization possible.

The Components To Our Management Training Program:


Phoenix knows that communication is the key to a successful enterprise. No matter what field you work in, effective communication will help to make the environment function smoothly and help everyone to stay on the same page. When marketing a brand, product, or service, the ability to communicate your intent will determine whether or not you receive a positive response from a potential customer.

Sales and Marketing

Making a lasting impression on customers can be a daunting task without the proper amount of training. Our sales and marketing techniques are proven to help make positive, lasting impressions which will help to build relationships with customers as well as accurately and effectively promoting our clients’ products and brand.

Leadership and Team Building

As a part of our management training program, Phoenix employees experience the ins and outs of leadership firsthand through a mentorship program. Dustin Mack, a newly promoted Market Manager, talked about his experience with mentorship at the company, stating: “From a mentee perspective, I am being coached up to be a better person all around—not just from a business perspective but in my personal life as well. As a rising mentor, I enjoy the privilege of lending a helping hand and advice to help others like I was helped.”

Business Development

At Phoenix, we only promote from within because we recognize the value of earning your way to the top. By starting all of our employees at an entry level position, Phoenix representatives have the opportunity to gain a holistic view of our business from the ground up. As an employee progresses through management training, they will learn sales and marketing, principles of leadership through management, human resources, training, and overseeing the daily operations of a business.

The Steps

  • Brand Ambassador

    As Brand Ambassadors, Phoenix employees begin learning the steps to maintaining and executing a successful marketing strategy for our clients from within our Fortune 500 retail partners. Brand Ambassadors act as the face of our clients’ brands, helping to expand product knowledge and specializing in customer acquisition. As a representation of our clients’ names, products, and services, Phoenix Brand Ambassadors specialize in customer care and support. Once a Brand Ambassador has mastered these skills, he or she may begin to help manage their own campaigns and marketing strategies.
  • Team Supervisor

    Phoenix Team Supervisors have proven their ability to effectively run marketing campaigns independently. As top performers in the organization, a Team Supervisor will not only be responsible for managing multiple locations throughout the greater Atlanta area, but will also act as mentors in charge of overseeing new employees through our award-winning management training. In addition, Team Supervisors assist in the hiring process when necessary by sharing their experiences at Phoenix and explaining the daily activities that our company participates in to further our clients’ brands and consumer bases.
  • Assistant Manager

    An Assistant Manager’s role in the company shifts to the behind the scenes operations of the business. Assistant Managers assists with daily protocol, payroll, budgeting, financing, and interviewing future employees, etc. Most importantly, and Assistant Manager will help with the expansion goals of the business. With internationally recognized clientele, Phoenix plans to expand into multiple locations this year.
  • Market Manager

    Market Managers have the most important role in the company. As top leaders, Market Manager responsibilities include: in-house management training, maintaining an overall environment of professionalism and proactivity which will ensure employees maintain our Fortune 500 Clients’ standards, planning expansion with Assistant Managers, building teams which can execute successful marketing campaigns for our clients, and overseeing the daily operations behind the scenes at Phoenix. With every Market Manager starting from entry level, we are able to continually deliver the exceptional results because every Market Manager essentially understands every facet of our business from the bottom up.
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Phoenix Cares

Great management training programs start with the basics. At Phoenix, we believe that the best leaders and managers are individuals who care for the betterment of the people they oversee and work with on a daily basis. Phoenix Cares is an initiative we started to enable rising leaders to give back to the Atlanta community. We feel that supporting others is the first step on the way to building intrinsically motivated leaders from within our organization.